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Okay its been a while and both SIP writers have been away, but that does not mean we have kept our ears open and thing. Matter of fact, its been mad busy for me, your boy passed his second year in uni and off to the final year now, KimLeeStar is busy hustling 4 jobs, how she does it i would never kno, so every lil time i get is spent sleeping and whatnot. Still, it sems to me that the jiggaman be making power moves and what not. first having a sold out concert in 3 minutes, thats right y'all the reasonable doubt concert sold out in 3 mins. Now he is having a preview concert of the Reasonable Doubt concert. Is this not the craziest thing u ever seen, he signs Nas, def Jam trims some artist fat aka Christina Milian, but shes been spotted around in some places though. There are some runours flying around about Bey Z (beyonce and Jay Z breaking up---->seriously like that is doing something in my life, absolutely pointless). Then the Deja Vu track is out as well featuring Jay on it as well. Most people kept uttering the same lines "i thought Jay Z has retired", well with the amount of work this dude has been upto, i would say he definitely is not retired. I still see Jay Z as a full fledged artist. Retired is when you sit down and catch every rerun of the News of the Day on CNN at 1pm, 3pm, 6pm and 10pm and for some reason Jay does not qualify as that.
So moving i started this post cuz i recently read that Jay is going to be doing an International tour (seriously this guy is not retired) and he would be starting in England in September, and he would be touching a host of other places but what smacked it is he is landing in my Country, hell YEAH JAY MIGHT BE LANDING IN NIGERIA y'all, seriously, stat booking flights home all u JAy Z stans (Dokun Ajayi et al). I remember arguing with my people over who was better Jay Z or Nas, well i still stand firmly by my man (no homo nor brokeback). I mean, Nas has clearly had a better run plus he is married to the finest Milkshake seller in history---> Kelis

I mean come on guys presented with Kelis or Beyonce, it is not exactly rocket science now, well well well, moving on smoothly, another argument that has always won my Nas is the best debate is "Who made the better first album?" NAS, Illmatic is the sickest shit ever to be recorded on tape, cd, vinyl and what other format. My gosh how sick is that album, HOW SICK IS IT, okay i need to calm down, i need to but this Illmatic is way better than reasonable doubt. The only way i can accept Jay being better than Nas is the fact that Jay Z is a better businessman, can't knock his hustle there (did not mean to sound corny) and i still want to know how in this world he managed to convince Nas that joining Def Jam was the best move of his career. Still there has been some rather disturbing news flowing about.
First disturbing news is that Cadbury is recalling bout a million bars of dairy milk released in to the market as they may have further ingredient i.e salmonella. the smacking factor of this case is cadbury knew of this about 5 months ago, how disturbing is that, i knew there was a reason i did not like cadbury chocolates. As usual the government is planning an investigation into it. Hopefully when they finishing planning the investigation (bout 4 months) they would actually carry out the investigation (another 3 months) so we should know the results of this case early next year in typical UK Government stylee. Read more here...
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Of all the crap going on in this world, these sevens idiots thought it most necessary to combine their brain power (which must be equal to that of a chicken combined) and think of means necessary to take down america. I mean seriously "brothers" seriously. Anyway they were exposed before they could attempt to think with the FBI labelling their thinking as..."more aspirational than operational". Why inflict danger on people i don't understand, the katrina mess is still looming yet they deem it necessary to think to cause another mayhem. Read more here

2 Responses to “SIP Shots”

  1. Anonymous KimLeeStar 

    EHHHHHH Jigga in Naija????? Too bad I won't be able to be there!
    September?? England??? Let me know oh let's see if I can extend this august trip!
    Papi THAT wud be WILD!

    And for crying out loud BEYONCE AND JAY Z ARE NOT BREAKING UP!
    They will remain in eternal BLISS FOREVER!

    who's the greatest??? say it........Jay Z!
    What you know about that!??? :P

  2. Anonymous Mr Starks 

    Eh yeah, they r on the rocks, take that all u Beyonces lovers.i don't think i would go see, i have seen him once and thats quite alright, all im waiting for is for the real greatest to emerge lol--->Nas

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