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Wot do u call it? grime garage uk underground


*I heard a rumour hes in remand for murder, why why why titch now we have to deal with boring "energised grime artist"

This post here goes out to mostly nigerians, all the wastemans that do not understand about
the grime/garage/ uk underground culture and choose to diss it.
this grime thing has been going on for a while, i remember moving to this country, I hated garage, i could sense something else to the sound, i jus purely hated Mc Luck and DJ Neat, they are fags, wastemans. that song y'all remember "do u really really like it/is it is it wicked/we loving loving loving loving it????????? i jus thought who the fuck r these pricks but hey they went to number one fags.
Then So Solid
Crap Crew where the a whole borough of london was in the crew,came out with some alright joints most notably 21 seconds, and oh no, and then there was ms dynamite.oh how could i forget Oxide and neutrino. then pay as u go, roll deeep bak in the days wen dizzeeee came out with them lines "put him in a headlock see if hes raw", "robbin emceees like barclay's bank", damn i copuld continue on for ages, i love this ggrime......i need to sleep, i shall continuew this lata, please do not vex....
SOo im back to finish this, my laptop gets taken away for some repairs, as in its about time. the speakers are bust, the audio jack in ain't working properly, the drive won't read cds, i mean wot rubbish is this so im like yo u gotta fix up man, and i ring insurance i must say Pcworld have been absolute badmans on this quite unbelieveable service ( now give me my 2 pounds for advertising and putting a good word of u on my blog).
Back to my griming, so Dizzee gets signed and ting, man is making waves u get me (but i ain't really ur last album though i bought it, loved some tracks though, i love the off to work track as well, u kno u did that sway dance mehn). speakin of dizzee, new album coming soon called "mAths and english"
Nigerians please open ur ears to this music don't jus enclose it as immature people, these are humans and they r tryin their best to make this music. Ironically one of the most talked bout emcees in the game who goes by the name of "Skepta" and his brother "JME" are nigerians, surname of Adenuga. so please please show support for your brother whom u have washed off as Janded, fuck that. Boy better know these emcees are off the hoook, they got bars as well. JME is increasingly improving in his content and nuff is said bout his delivery, BOY BETTER KNO, SHUHHUT UR MUH lol, SERIOUS SERIOUS.
The most slept on album of 2005 was the ROLL DEEEP album, how deep was that album my Lord i love that album, i listen to it on average 5 times a week, sometimes twice in a row, why i suggest u purchase and listen , its different, wiley, flow dan, trimbal aka trim, breeeze, scratchy, forgotten the name of breeze's lil bro, if i forgot any emcees name oh oh yes dats it that idiot who cannot rap but jus finds it necessary to open his mouth aka Riko, i don't even kno if this fool is part of the gang i jus hope to God he is not, he is like that blemish on ur trainers even after squeeezin half a litre of mr muscle refuses to come off. this guy jus straight up whack and violent. mayb his future raps would redeem him remains to be seen till then his lacklustre display of skills is jus uncompromisingly ignorant and not needed.
the grime scene is crazy, the dressing is a bit of wastemans but there are people reppin like bashy who i believe is jus there to look good, (nucca i heard ur "your Mum Mixtape" please please take notes from Roll Deep's creeper vol 1 and 2 and the essentials mixtape and try again)
The grime dvds are jus off the hook as well, big up to ghetto on that Risky roadz 2 freestyle, u almost broke my ps2 rewind button, thats how it should be mehn, not stupid riko making me press fast forward naytime he opens his mouth.
Flirta and the SLK crew is jus another crazy grime, matter of fact, they are amazing,the sound effects he uses wen rapping its madd (but brethren we neeed some more bars PLEASE WRITE NEW BARS WRITE NEWWW BARS gettin bored of the same old lightning lyrics na abeg).
Now i was going to sign offf without writing anything bout Mo fire crew( fuck fire camp i still call u mo fire crew cuz i want the three of u back together again i strongly believe that but don't think im holding my breath u ain't MJ damn it). FUCK FIRE CAMP, dat sweet boy tune with that gurl, can't remember her name witht he red oxfam jacket, man that was not needed at all. it is really annoying. it has been an amazing year for lethal Bizzle but please them other fire camp memebers who i wouldn't even like attempt to insult my memory by remembering ur names jus need to chill, i saw the stupid video for forward riddim infity number remix and i wasn't impressed, its was jus yamn and a cup of tea for realla. STEP UP. Ozzie B, keep reppin but remember cocoa butter and vaseline is still in production for them lips, i do not recall the companies halting the production of these two products...jus a suggestion bro, jus a suggestion. Neeeko,last time i saw u was on the young gunz "countdown" good apppearances, still where u at, woteva u ddid jus apologise, fuck fire camp and bring bak Mo Fire Crew, im going to start a Bring Back Mo Fire crew campaign. i was feeling no though, okay, bout two of u in the camp got potential.
then there is the new nasty crew, they have a good selection of mcs, u gotta hand it to Marcus for 1) going to uni.2) he knows how to select mcs...look at D Double E (more like E Double G head, sorry i had to say that Jeckle and Hyde line y'all internet piraters need to check that track really funny), then Jammer, Kano, its like people making waves were in some way infiliated or part of Nasty Cre, big Ups. I would now try to attempt to list the names of grime artisits but i havent got all day besides i needs my sleep and im listening to fela (the greatest musician ever). anyway sha, i shall keep writing bout grime happenings, ihave decided to add it to my diffrent talk about issues on my blogs, if u have any grime stories or something u want me to write about lemme kno, jus email me on ""

ALright peace out my peeps
Increase the peace u kno
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