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Right, its mighty mighty late and i cannot sleep. Anyway i was thinking why i don't dance when i hear sean paul "Give it up to me". The it suddenly clicked, itws because the title almost soils one of my fave songs. Ladie and Gentlemen please put your hands together for his freaky highness, Mr Rick James

Please enjoy this video

2006 - The year of Smacking Nas's Kufi of His Head


2007, we back , alive kicking and better. It has been a gajillion years since we made a post on this website, but trust me, it has nto been in vain, we have been extremely busy. This year is massive year for us and you readers of SIP, we shall be ensuring a minimum of 3 posts a week. a lot of stuff has gone down last year, we had a lot of goodies hit us, "Retired" Jay Z released an album, Mr Nasir "I am mad at hip Hop" Jones released an album whinging that hip hop is dead, but then We can't really blame him seeing as we spent half the year, doing the "Chicken Noodle Soup" thanks to Dj Webstar, infact they went on to release an album which I wisely haven't listened to.
The Clipse album finally made it to every good record store near you but not until Pharrell made us listen and chuck his album out the window, well well, I can tell you now that that album is safe In My Trash...Stick to making beats Son. Later on we all bleated to the sound of One Blood from The Game's album wierdly titled "The Doctor's Advocate" but seriously, yes thats right, Dre was not on the album, still Game gets love. Busta Rhymes made us touch it bring it babe watch it turn it leave it stop format it. Then dropped the all star remix which I must say was smacked down in terms of featurings by The Game's One blood remix featuring every prominent male figure in the rap game excluding right 50 Cent. The stand out feature for me through the year was definitely Jim Jones....BALLLIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. Damn, Jimmy slammed this year, talking greasy infact greasier than ever, favourite line of the year "..I come down and smack Nas's Kufi of his head, you smell me" lolllllllllllllllllllll, if that ain't one hell of a line.
MAtter of fact 2006 was a bloody eventful year, I shall be posting the awards soon so watch out.
Peace y'all
Mr Starks


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