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Well i jus stepped out of my second to last exams and nothing gave me more pleasure knowing knowing the exam went well and then i log on to my computer and see this.
The person accused of repaying late rapper proof's stupid shooting incident is not going to be facing charges, although he would face illegal gun possession and other charges, he definitely is not getting convicted for the murder of proof, y'all remeber i said so earlier as to why someone would be prosecuted when all he acted was in self defence when the rap legend dude shot his cousin.

this is stupid so I don't know as to exactly why i am posting this, but then hey, its all about the news and i know some of y'all care bout this, anyway Mariah carey has reported insured her legs for $1 billiion dollars as well as fronting "Gillete's Legs of goddess"campaign or something like that.Wow, I wonder how much mine is....lets see, helped catapult me to almost basketball stardom, led me and still caries me around uni wen my car is not available, does the moon walk, ummmmhummh, give or take i would say im gonna insure mine for bout 2 billion dat should above cover the mileage I have done on my legs since birth.
Some other ridiculous insurance cover to keep u entertained
-U got to remember J Lo's butt got insurance
-Heidi Klum done her leg for bout a mil i think, boy she must be pissed at Mariah

X-men makes 120.1 mil is america over in america and rightly so. I jus saw the movie last week and lets jus say people cried in the cinema. I must however point out i never did, i was sad. Oh for those of y'all that like to run out once the first credit roll, well stick around and there is a surprise scene at the end of the movie, TRUST ME, all u waste cadets looking for where to take your links and u don't want to watch Jenifer Aniston reprise her role as Rachel breaking up with ross esque type of movie entitled The Break Up only this time comprising of the white guy almost certified with a ghetto pass but not yet there Vince Vaughn, anyway back to my story, u gotta take her to X Men 3 (the last stand), Lord that was a movie and half(meaning 5 stars) better than The boring Vinci Code... but im still pissed off at Cineworld for making me pay 7 pounds though worth it I must say, still im only a student.

Oprah has no Ice cube on her Ipod...damn i would be pissed too, she has 50 Cent and Jay Z,

Cam'Ron Giles refuses to give...makes another diss joke track at Jay Z...using the stupid Young Joc beat of its going down why... ...also has any1 seeen Jim Jones around lately.

Okay is it just me or why does this new superman film look really swaggish especially with lex luthor bearing an uncanny resemblance to Doctor Evil from Austin Powers,The trailers are not too impressive either, mayb like austin power, the whole movie is gonna be a joke, Lord help us....

thats about all thats disgusting me today really, hopefully i would be able to put more stuff on soon.

Also, now u can boycott mySpace and be real ghetto..ya right... with

Its Grae Day...


Forget about lil'kim and foxy brown and every female rapper whose booty u have seen, one u have not seen and definitely don't kno if u live in the 50 cent world of hip hop is Jean Grae. She definitely wins the award for "Myspace is actually myspace Award". She does not have none of this fake crap on it, and u , its a great freebie without getting sued, free Jean Grae and Kweli tract available for download. Imma post the link below. To listen to it, visit her website
you can visit her Award winning myspace here

The Roots should be releasing "The Game Theory" album on the 29th of August 2006

Which of these covers do u reckon would be the final front cd artwork??

Aftermath sign new artist called Dion. Listen to the guy here. I personally like his voice, similar to Raheem DeVaughn and has an edge to it, with Mike Elizondo Dr.Dre beats, i see this boy coming up, kinda like the male Mary J,ummh but his voice is nice though. check out the remix for runnin which he actually sang in the original as well.
The Game - Runnin remix feat Dion

This is an old Jean Grae Video called "JAM" but i had to post it again, i love this song soo muuch, if y'all kno that Creeqo lol, anyway enjoy

this is jus an old video i came across on the net, couldnt help laughing, Lil'Romeo have a pop at bow weeezy, personally, i don't understand, with all the beef, these two are throwing popcorn and rims at each, pheeww*allow me to go and worry about my student debts while these Lil'Fools argue bout their "Big Ice" and small"slrs"

I have a thing for................


Anything made in the UK.
Let's just say my soul resides there.


East Londons favourite lyricist, is ready to re-write the script on the UK music scene with his debut single Found You, due to be released early May.

Listen to the 'Found you' Single at and download at Written performed and produced solely by Alizay himself, Found you ft Preshus and Digga has already gained national exposure via Choice FMs UK Cuts where it received rare reviews from listeners.
The video for Found You is currently showing on Channel U Sky Digital number 360, reaching the coveted Number 1 spot in the Official Channel U Charts as voted by the viewers; all this after just one week of being playlisted! See for your self at .

Found You is the kind of track that has been on everyones phone up and down the country. With support from big name UK Djs such as Masterstepz, the song has also been tearing up Pirate stations in and around London building an impressive following and a massive hype around it. Coupled with the fact that Alizay has been performing Found You to eagerly accepting crowds throughout the London club-scene, including well-known venues from Club Aquarium to The Hackney Empire, he definitely has the underground on lock. See for yourself just how crazy his hype is from his performance in East London on the 6th of April With interest from Major record labels both sides of the Atlantic; Alizay is now ready to begin what it looks like could be a massively successful career. At only 21 years old, he has already been writing and producing music for over 3 years. Alizay also plays piano at grade 5 and guitar, showing an array of musical talent missing in most other emcees. Alizays name can be found on numerous flyers floating in and around the London clubbing scene as is fast becoming Londons most requested host and DJ with his prime time shows on London's leading Mystic 98.1 fm every Thursday 8 -10pm.

Further to all this, recently Alizay was chosen from hundreds to be one of the leading acts to perform for the Young Black Positive Advocates (YBPA) which was hosted by Kat from Choice fm in conjunction with the Metropolitan Black Police. Leading BBC 1xtra Djs Ace & Invisible will soon be working closely with the man himself as Channel U have asked Alizay to appear on the Ill Out show on the 4th of May due to his huge success on their networks. His video is on the verge of being put into rotation on MTV Base, but meanwhile its still in heavy rotation on Channel U.

Watch a preview of the video at Bookings / Interviews / Contact: (Mang) Kelvin - 07949 217 561

Words and everythink gotten from his my space press release.
Visit him

Today's Buzz...


Who would have thought Chamillionaire was actually a millionaire???

Apparently Mr Chamillionaire has been assaulting charts even smashing itune records.
As if taking over radio and video airwaves wasn't enough, with the over
3.3 million profile views on MySpace, over 500,000 Digital Sales (out
selling Nelly "Grillz," and T.I. "What You Know") and with 1.4 million
one Sales, Chamillionaire's incredible success in the digital arena is
commanding everyone's attention, proving that he is a force to be reckoned
full story here
Well congrats man from all at SIP

I have the album and I thought it sounded like a good well rounded album and nothing more coupled with the fact that he has a very clear rap and straight to the point. Oh well
you can listen to some of his
tracks here
you can buy ur copy of sound of revenge

SIP RUMOURS....*might be true/false but we don't wanna get sued

  • Apparently Mr Jacko is to step out into the limelight to go on an Asian tour y'all and he is stopping off to collect a MTV Japan "Legend" award. And he is still recording that mystery Hurricane your time Michael, take your time...
  • Apparently rapper/singer M.I.A is not being allowed into the US, i guess she has offended Uncle Sam, anyone knows what she did!!! Shes meant to be recording an album with Timbo, if u wondering who she is, she did the "galanga" song, available in stores with the album Arula.
  • Some stupid student dials 999 for a taxi ride home hehe
  • *yawns* DMX is contemplating to change his name to stupid the Dog. Really this guy jus keeps breaking his previous stupid records, gone are the days of this, you remember this

    This is crazy, girl broadcasts a tour from her basement, people are getting fucking creative nowadays, this is crazy check her out here

    Too broke to go on the road, 24 year old singer/songwriter Sandi Thom decided to set up a webcam in her South London flat and staged a three week world tour from the basement. Part of a new breed of internet-made acts that include the Arctic Monkeys, Gnarls Barkley and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Sandi spread the word about the `21 Nights from Tooting' tour via and her own site, inviting fans to watch the tour live on the web or in person at the very modest underground venue of her basement (capacity 10 people, byob and a sleeping bag). Pulling in an audience of 70 on the first night, news of the gigs spread like wildfire on the internet and by the end of the `tour' she had 70,000 web viewers from as far afield as Russia, the USA and Pakistan! Drawing on a musical palette that varies from Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley through Carole King and Stevie Nicks to Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin, Sandi Thom joins the dots between black and white music. Throughout `Smile' It Confuses People - which was produced in a barn by bandmates Jake Field and Duncan Thompson - she seamlessly blends folk and soul strains and influences. Sandi takes a similar approach lyrically, bringing together a diverse range of themes and subjects from broken hearts and newborn relationships through musicians and musicianship to the current worlds preoccupation with progress. You can buy her album here

    ....make sure u catch my next performance, i shall broadcasting thru my webcam, i shall be singing liveeeee, maybe i too might score a 1m pound record deal

    erm, thats all I could about muster, im tired, ain't slept for a whole day all for a stupid Economics exam...y'all enjoy now

Let's talk about ASH.


So our main job at SIP is to bring to you the deal with what's going on in the world today.
We aim to serve the Naija-Uk-Canada hybrids that exist out there but mainly we aim to bring you straight up info that deserves to be heard.
We have so much to expose, so much to tell, so enough of talking about "wastemen" as Mr Starks would say, let's talk about ASH.

To be in the presence of an artist filled with passion and soul is an opportunity that only presents itself once in a while. Or in this day and age once every couple of years.However, once filled with the gifts that such talent has to offer, it's rather hard to forget the experience.Determined individuals can never be forgotten.Sammir, known to many as "Ash" is one determined man.

So let's begin the journey: Summer of a long long time ago, I was in London for a bit, stopping over before I went home to Nigeria on holiday.A friend of mine introduced me to a young man who many referred to as Ash. Ash was a guy struggling to make it in the music industry. He was at the stage where all singers/rappers/actors either make it or break it. The stage filled with open promises, address books filled with contacts but no physical contacts taking place, the stage that requires the love of the game to keep you going, the stage where most talented people fall.His aura was filled with hope, determination radiating through his actions, through his voice and through his dream.

We chilled, spent some time talking about various things and by the end of the night, a french rap duo who shall remain unnamed show up to lay down a couple tracks, lay down some lyrics and so on.The scenario was one of excitement and huge anticipation, which normally tends to happen when a group of talented individuals come together to create or draw up the master plan of a unique masterpiece.The energy in the room was electrifying. Music being sculpted and moulded by artists with a vision.

To be part of something like that is undeniablly unforgetable.As the energy in the room became one, the multi talented man they call Ash shows his true colours in the form of producer, singer,and writer as the evening progresses.Based on one song that was collaborated on it was clear to see, this man doesn't play.Straight out of the homeland Nigeria, Ash has been on the UK music scene for a couple years now. He made it to the UK garage and club charts with the single Bounce To This in 2003. The man stayed on top for a good couple of weeks, soaring high at number one. Ash was showing the world that he truly is "Immaqul'8", which also happens to be the name of entertainment company that he runs, Immaqul'8 (pronounced Immaqulate) Entertainment.

Taking time off to enhance his sound and prepare himself for an even greater come back...the man the music industry know as Ash or the business industry know as Abdul Sammir Hamman is more than ready for a full come back.
Watch this space people becuase he's a guy that doesnt do it small, the Uk Naija scene ain't ready, he's a storm just waiting to happen.
Support Ash by looking out for his new single Keep Doing It (Girl) coming to an airspace,myspace near you!Visit the website ------------> HERE
For more news on Indie artists and indie happenings. Check out SIP:The Verve.
Or to give us the heads up on any artists you may know that needs to be exposed.....Holla at us @

Or visit us on my space:

I Must Be Going Crazy.


Omarion is back and I am less than enthused.
I mean really we've moved on Omarion, we don't care about you and your robot moves and your abs and your damn sexy lips.
Okay i'll stop fronting. I lie.......we do, but you know what I realise you are just damn good eye candy. And eye candy doesn't pay my bills so i'm sorry honey
Hopefully you'll win me over with this new song of yours........Let's pray so.
Yeahhh no, not today.
I mean he wants me to be his entourage!??? Common I got bills to pay, I have no time for this baby.
He'll let me be lieutenant if i'll let him be my captain?
And we know your damn name stop screaming it in the freaking song!!
But oh well.......i'll be your super fly chick..I mean you are cute and all!!! *Tee hee*

Oh well, listen to Omarions new single Entourage --------> HERE
Visit him at his website @

Damn idiot.........lieutenant my asss!

Sprite Street Couture Show.


Sprite, yeah WHO?
The limey lemon drink with fizz has abandoned their "Obey Your Thirst Slogan" to better appeal to the world as they just don't seem to be giving in to the damn thirst.
I'm not quite too sure what to make of all this but hey it's news. Personally I couldn't give a damn about Sprite and their ad campaign and it seems nobody else cares either, just another excuse for the stars to come out of wait they are always out.
Totally forgot they had nothing better to do anyways.
Anyway yeah, Sprite has hooked up with the main men of the hip hop clothing world aka Etnies, LRG, Rocawear, Triple Five Soul and WESC to stage the first-ever Sprite Street Couture Showcase and to celebrate the national re-launch of Sprite. Glad the man Jigga is in there, business is business.
The event went down and excuse me if i'm not too thrilled...Just don't care really!
But here's a couple of people that came out for the cause!

The Ultimate Duo.....Stupid is as stupid does.
Can't hate on the style unfortunately.

Miss Amerie

Lovin the shoes Amerie...LOVIN the shoes. INFACT!!!! I need some new shoes!

Carmelo and Lala.
Now are these two cute? I really can't tell!

Pictures courtesy of Crunk and Disorderly.

Aren't YOU glad Dannielle won?


Cam'ron Slow Down.


Another act of stupidity.
Read about this a while ago while crusing Crunk and Disorderly but it keeps resurfacing.
Killa Cam can't get a chick of his own so he decides to be a homewrecker!

"Cam has been text-messaging Beyoncé like crazy," our tipster says. "He’s been asking her out, and dissing Jay[-Z]. He’s been telling her she should be with a real man like him."
Yes, Cam’ron, who was linked with Mariah Carey, has cred on field and street: He was an All-American football player before becoming a drug dealer in his native Harlem. But few would say Jay-Z isn’t a "real man": He pulled himself up from Brooklyn’s Marcy Houses projects to become a platinum-selling rapper; he started Roc-A-Fella Records with Damon Dash, and now he’s Def Jam CEO and part owner of the New Jersey Nets.

That's okay Camron, we feel your least you ain't jumping off a cliff cos you can't get a girl.
If Big Gipp can get a girl maybe you can too!

iTunes in your Air Force Ones...All part of the iPod Craziness


Aight, i jus saw the story be4 i started reading and i Had to hit y'all with it. It seems, Nike and iPod have teamed up together to give this:

It's a global mega-brand mashup!

Apple is teaming up with Nike to cross-promote sneakers and iPods. The footwear and earwear giants are soon launching a new line of iPod-compatible sneakers, plus a wireless pedometer-cum-connection-kit that pumps exercise feedback into runners' ears. "Faster, fat ass!"

The Nike+iPod cross promotion encourages runners to buy a new pair of Nike+ sneakers, which have a little pocket for a wireless sensor. The wireless sensor is part of a $30 Nike+iPod Sport Kit from Apple, which is expected to ship within 60 days.

The Nike+iPod Sport Kit also includes a small receiver that plugs into the dock connector on
the bottom of the iPod. Out on the road, the sensor sends data about time, distance, and pace to the iPod, which provides unspecified "workout-based voice feedback" while you run. Presumably, it's encouraging.

Back at home, the iPod uploads the exercise data to the Mac or PC, and syncs with iTunes and the NikePlus website which records runs and sets goals. In addition, the site will allow runners to challenge each other to "virtual races" and download time- or distance-based workout routines. It will also offer sporty iMixes "chosen and introduced by top athletes."
to learn more, click here

I dunno why, but i keep having this nightmare that 50 Cent is going to have this thing and show it off in one of his videos, and Nelly is going to make a song bout it, hes already done Air Force one, now he needs to a song entitled "air force one ipod"

I said give me two pairrrrs

(cause) I need two pairrrrs
So I can get to stompin in my air force iPods
(Big boys) stompin in my air force iPod

Why You Wanna


I stumbled across this video on the greatest invention after the microwave.Yup you guessed so right, You tube mannn, t.i's new video, there are already 2 remixes of the song (One with Q-Tip, and the other with Trey Songz) which i shall try put up wen i can (remember i told y'all exams)

Pharrell & West At It Again...


S'up y'all,
Due to some crazy ass exams, i thought i would quickly add this, its been bugging me like mad for a while. This right here is another song off the coming Pharrell Williams's album "In My Mind". He has teamed up with the Louis Vuitton Don himself Mr Kanye "I did it all myself including assembling my Ikea furniture***" West. Kanye's rap is quite bunz on this (for y'all that don;t kno, bunz is a slang for good), yeah, i am feeling the song but i bet by summer when every waste cadet that passes by me is blasting it, it would grow on me.
Pharrell Williams - Number 1 ft Kanye West

***If you are indeed wondering where I got that from then...

  1. you are not a true Kanye fan (cuz if your were u would remember all his pompous remarks on how good he is)
  2. you have a bootleg version of College Dropout
  3. He made the remark on the last track number 21 entitled "Last Call"(which could well be the longest song on earth), fast forward to about 7.00mins and then listen to him speak lol.

Who is Fonsworth Bentley again?


And what could he possibly have to say?

Well, the unimanginable has occured, P Diddy or is it Diddy or is it Sean or is it.........oh WHATEVER! He shall be referred to as the Sean John, Bad Boy empire man.
So where was I? Mr Empire man's butler, maid,.................... umm to term the word correctly "Bitch" has been cut a record deal.
This is what we have to look forward to:

Is Kanye for real?
Is THIS for real??
AND why do I feel like slapping Ryan Leslie across the head for allowing such stupidity?
And they say he has a record deal??

THIS is his freestyling?

May I just point out the people nodding their heads in the background???

NAH something ain't right.
This is the future of rap?
This is who gets the record deals?

You can visit Fonzworth @

Or is he on crack? OR are we being punked?



This is jus a random post im doing.
This site is going to be going through some major revamping processes, spread the word, cuz this is about to be a crazy upcoming web blogtainment site.

Lets all learn


Today's bits and bobs

This fool proceeds to point out there is no black mozart, nah we got snoop doggy dog hehehe, dickhead.

Its Killa Crap Season At The Cinema


I am here trying to prepare in biting anticipation for my exams while checking out the new google beta video and guess who decides to ruffle my day, my Camron "Viles". I shall reserve my words for this Killa season movie depending on my feelings after my exam. Till then you can make your self sick and watch this crap at your own peril

Killa Season the rubbish movie

Lets jus pray to Almighty that his album is no where as appalling (and i am being subtle) as this "movie"
What did you use the shoot the movie Cam a 2 megapixel camera phone, to think i was bout to count u as a average....
Mr Starks

Today's Shockking Insults


Ignorant Comment of the day
The Most Unpopular popular rapper speaks out on why he got guessed it right people, they "the only way to stop him from shining is to kill him"
I have nothing to say to this...idiot

While Gumbo Gravy is making ignorant ass statements on how gunshots are part of HipHop, another rapper, member of the screwed up click has been killed. Sohh much killing happening, proof...


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