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Shooter, Shooter Shooter


Woke up this morning and the heat was killing me, Damn, please let it rain rain rain. So im listening to Robin Thicke's Wanna Love U Gurl Remix, and I am checking up the best place in the world YouTube and I find RObin chilling with The Real Favourite Rapper's Favourite Rapper and that is NOT jeezy, its WEEZY. They had the Video for Shooter off The Carter II album (which still remains one of the best albums this year has seen), but wen I coppped the album, i played it out and I never thought for a second that was Robin on Shooter. Oh well, its a good combo and shows weezy has the talent to to be versatile. He still remains in my books as one of the Top 5 rappers. Its a nice video, which is more that can be said for the spastic Beyonce's Deja Vu video.

Thanks to C&D i checked out the validity about the Beyonce stans who wanted a change to the De Ja Vu video...I always thought the video was crap and just plainly overdone but i do not like Beyonce, so i do not care.
Here is the petition.
To: Columbia Records, A Division of Sony BMG

This petition is for the advocacy of having Ms. Beyonce' Knowles, Columbia Records, Music World Entertainment, and all other entities associated with the creative process of creating the long-form music video known as "Deja Vu" reshoot aforementioned video immediately.

This video is an underwhelming representation of the talent and quality of previous music video projects of Ms. Knowles. The following problems have been pointed out by numerous fans on and offline:

A) There is no clear story or theme to the video
B) The dancing is erratic, confusing and alarming at times
C) The sexual themes and shots between Ms. Knowles and Mr. Sean Carter PKA Jay-Z, are alarming and show unacceptable interactions between the two
D) The fashion in this video, while haute-couture, is unbelievable and ridiculous
E) The editing, while professionally done, causes one to get dizzy and disoriented
F) The overall feel of the video leaves a sense of much to be desired
G) The video is very disappointing and is not a clear representation of any of the songs themes

We, the fans of one Beyonce' Knowles, ask that an alternative video be shot featuring; more choreographed & less spontaneous dancing, clearer visual themes that relate to the lyrics of the song, less gyrating, less scenes of non-existant sexual chemistry between Mr. Carter and Ms. Knowles, less zooming and quick cut edits and a more stylized and clear direction for all other aspects of the video production.

Suggested in this re-shoot would be the hire of another producer besides Ms. Sophie Mueller -- one more acclimated to urban themes and imagery in music videos, other than Hype "Letterbox" Williams.


Like there are not enuff problems in the world...Excuse me while i seat in front of the fan now and listen to Carter.

Keeping in line with the real Petition. Help bring the clipse back. This is the reason why your favourtite emcee is no longer your favourite. A clip of them performing on Rapcity. The freestyle is crazy.

1.5 Million Dollar Man


off the new papoose mixtape
Papoose - Ghetto Soldier ft Akon

I like this track. wot do u think?

Well well, just when my Idlewild Fever is reaching sickening levels, I get this through YOuTube (best invention so far). New Outkast video for the single Morris Brown which features Big Boi only. Now it has come to a point where i really hate to say this but is Outkast heading towards the rock, I hate to be a doubter but the signs are jus showing there real hard. Andre was not in the freaking video. IT CANNOT BE AN OUTKAST SONG WITHOUT ANDRE NOT EVEN SHOWING UP IN THE VIDEO, please sort this out. Scar and Janelle Monae looked big big big in the video, Janelle jus soo damn cute. Video rating is a 3.5, for some reason i am still stuck on the touch it remix video.

I Am Feeling the Idlewild Blues Right About Now. R You???


Now i don't know if this is true but still made me happy that my fave group Outkast refused to be on Oprah. Now i just give them infinity props if that is good. Excuse me while i preorder Idlewild OST now.
Outkast - Idlewild
Click here to check out the trailer for Idlewild.
Damn seems Terence Howard is everywhere, dude is in the damn movie as well. I don't know about you but I am damn excited bout this movie.

Check out this clip about the coming boondocks dvd Season 1

Click Here find out more about the boondocks!

Meet Ms.Me.Too


Okay, ever since the push back off my favourite duo's album The Clipse's Hell Hath No Fury, I have not been a happy bunny with Pharrell. Then things started looking up when the single Mr.Me.Too surfaced, infact there is a video for it which i Have put on this site and I shall put again. PLEASe PLEASE PLEASE, LETS ALL BACK THE CLIPSE..remember Grindin' they are responsible for it, don't act like u did not break ur neck to that beat.
Okay back to why i am posting this, im out on the internet as usual searching for new news, would u believe what i come accross. it seems Jay is tryin to get his corporate thug on because the beat for the Clipse's next single entilted "Wamp Wamp ft Slim Thugg" was given to Foxy Brown but blah blah, I would let you read more here...Read full story here



LISTENNNNNN....I have been absolutely greedy with this track so fine, here is the new Talib Kweli track from his coming album titled Ear Drum scheduled for a September release. Kweli is back, I have just about learnt every word on The Beautiful Struggle.
I love the beat and the lyrics, it is a big look for the album, signs of something good coming, i really want to see how this album would compare to The Beautiful Struggle.

Talib Kweli - Listen Love the sounds coming out your speaker/ I spit rounds like a 9 millimetre...Talib Kweli- Listen
Check out his website
As in i have been listening to this song for a while and I cannot seem to understand it but i guess that is just justin Timberlake doing him just as we from SIP do we. Well the track is called sexy back and it sounds like a timbo joint, not entirely sure bout it though but u can hear his voice and the sound is his trademark anyway.
Quick Details

  • New album maybe called Futuresex/loveSounds
  • Should Be released Sept 2006
  • as usual timbo is co-writing and co producing
  • JT got his JAWbreakers production team on it, thats him and Wil-I-Am (but i have someone sitting right next to me sayin its rick rubin)
SexyBack - Justin Timberlake
...Im bringing sexy back/them other muthaf**kers don't know how to act--- Justin Timberlake
Now excuse me while i go back to perfecting my Idlewild Blues performance, coming soon to the nearest YouTube to you....

Whip It, Whip It Real Hard


Oh well, you know the gut feeling you get when you see an artist and you know this dude has been on the wrongest lael for time and he should be on Def Jam (talking bout the def jam pre Rick ROss era). well it is pretty official, the boy F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S is signed to Def Jam now. Theres has been some past speculations but it is pretty much set in stone now. He joins a few rap greats (can we still include LL Cool J in this speculation), a few rap lows (RIck ROss), a few rap barbies (RIhanna), oh Lord, what has become of my fave Label, oh well, there is still good old OKAyPLayer to fall back on.
But seriously Def Jam have been signing pretty wierd people, i mean a rapper who sells over a million units making orgasmic noises (Young Jeezy, yeaaaaaaaaah dats rightttttt) i can handle but a rapper called Young Leek, i don't know wot to make about it, a rapper called Rick Ross, i still don't kno, but i like only one line from all his songs yup thats it "whip it whip it real hard".

The Def Jam upcoming lineup is looking as follows:

  • METHODMAN - 4:21 (COMING SOON IMAGINE THAT AS WELL), even though homeboi's last joint went wood, i would like to think it was due to his involvement with P Diddy like he said. the few tracks floating around have been really good, loving the Methodman ft Lauryn Hill -Say. Now thats meth, but they are going to release RIck Ross before meth, oh Lord how (Rick-diculous)...Horrible lol but worth the try hehe.

Sony Ad Rascist?...


Really Is this Rascist. i don't think so. Matter of fact i think it is a really good advert. Now if there racial intentions underlining it then i would be forced to reconsider but as a well versed marketing student i do not believe this to be rascist. I reckon it depends on the person's view. Personally I love it. it is a good way, who do u choose, the white psp or black psp. Lemme hear yours. i seriously think it is about time we started looking at the bigger picture rather than let minor crap like rascim hold us back.


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