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SIP Shots 30-06-06


First of all, it was an extremely long night yesterday. A friend of mine had a parry which was not bad, matter of fact, more girls than guys, but not enough folks. We failed on the promotion part of the party so it was quite crazy. Alright I just woke up with a banging headache, but as usual the problems in the world adding more to it.

BEP in a Black Eyed Brawl
Just saw this now, them BEPs in a fight or caught in a fight with bouncers from from german club called 40 seconds. ummh, I never saw them as a involved in a fight kinda group, u know, they are soo user friendly. heheh
P.S. Check out the bottle jumping in to save them

I Need Mine Is Leaked To the internet
Just when i was wondering what happened to Lil' Flip and his album "I need mine", i came across this thanks to the good folks at SOHH. It seems flip has left Sony and after his departure his albums leaks to the internet. Now who would we say is to blame cuz i can seriously see Sony doing it to spite the guy, u never kno eh, still Iwas wondering would TI sign him now seeing as Jay signed Nas, u know.

One Step Forward, Hundred Steps Backwards...
First, the Palestinian and Israel fight. Here am I thinking with clearing the Gaza strip these two would chill. Oh No, first Gaza militants tunnelled under the border, attacking an Israeli outpost and killing two other soldiers and the proceeded to kidnap a 19 yr soldier named Shalit. Now Israel has hit back capturing some government officials, classsic scenario of One Step forward 100 Steps Backward. Read more here

Latest Mixtape News

's GQ photoshoot)

Not only 50 cent has been releasing ridiculous miztapes from the middle East. Now Osama Bin Laden has released his own mixtape straight from the geographic location aptly named "america can never find me here" which America knows is in the middle East and are slowly and surely searching, yeah right. Basicly instead of dissing everyone on his mixtape like 50 cent unsurprisingly did, Osama proceeded to ask for the release of the body of the al Zarqawi dude like really. It is only June and Mr Osama has provided us with 4 mixtapes of terror thats really impressive . Now the The Game photo up there is seriously homo and I don't kno if i should see this as a Game diss or is this just another 50 Cent showing his homo tendencies like we can see above in the GQ photoshoot he did sometime last year or early this, anyone...

Light Discomfort In Your Butt.
Very weird but a Man in a Pakistani prison woke up with a light bulb in his ass. How bright of him!!

Good news for all the Lil'Kim Stans
Miss Kim is to be released next monday but she shall remain under house arrest for 30 days. If shes smart she would perform the Sandi Thom manoeveur and broadcast performances from her basement...Note to you Waste youths out there, do not lie to a court to protect fake friends.

Bully Victim Slashes Back...Literally
Check check, this gurl gets bullied in school, stands up for herself and slashes back at the gurl in the above pic, for real. Lesson learnt is please do not bully people, it is not a big loook.

There is still a lot of slashers around in UK
Is this not the biggest shame, the Knives amnesty in UK is failing. IT IS FAILING. Rather than police keep stopping me for switching lanes or reducing speed because Im trying to read frigging signs or spending precious police time looking for dogs which are apprarently dangerous because stupid people choose to taunt them, I reckon they (police) should concentrate on battling the rising knife crimes, just a suggestion u kno, nothing major.

New tracks in the Jim Jam Joints section. let me know your opinion on the Crazy remix feat Joe Budden. His rap is tight on it but i jus figured none of the tracts on St Elsewhere needed a remix thats all. Outkast tracks courtesy of eskay

SIP Shots...


As usual im back, this time with some at least I hope they are current juicy news. One thing for sure that’s got all the blogs talking is the BET performance. We don’t get bet in this crazy London so I would not try and make any comments on the whole shows, but you got to love the internet, already someone nice somewhere has upped a clip to download and it was the performance by BUsta. You I am a crazy Busta fan, I finally admit it, he has some energy not to be compared to other artists and his shows are always up to par.

Busta’s show started with a recap on “I love my chick” feat Will I Am BEP, and Kelis. Mad crazy, the beat just keeps me going mad plus the fact that I actually love a chick heheh, y’all ain’t knowing nada, back to post.

My Review of this performance – It was a performance to be expected from a person like busta. The mosy surprising bit was with eminem. That I never saw coming. Missy wearing the stupid gold outfit reminiscent of some Micheal Jackson circa 1990 stage outfit. Missy walked in with her annoying bubblegum rap “I look like nia long” shit looking like Captain Tin foil, leaves a bad taste in my mouth her wardrobe does.

All the peeps from the remix were onstage except DMX, im not going to try and find where he was, probably in some driving mishap.

I would try put up a link for you to watch a clearer performance of the Busta Rhyme bit. The rest of the show can be caught on Youtube, Lord I love that sight.

You can catch a complete review of various performances from the loop.

Right now I have to go and think about if I should visit a party or not, u see Nigerians are throwing parties right left and centre this summer, I have been to bout 60 pounds worth of parties i.e. 6 parties. Crazy right…

Random Crap, check out the trailer for Spider 3 here if you can be bothered





** BIRD FLU **



And dis girl disabled the embedded player option like dat is going to stop me from showing da world her talent lol so go hiar to see her wil out!



So lately i've been out of the loop.
So let me holla at the DJ.

Two words.
Spank Rock................They are my new obsession, heard about them last year and finally got their album and i'm obsessed.
I especially love these guys cos they tour and work with my gurl MIA!!!!! yayyyyy!!!!

Read about them HERE.
And enjoy the videos.

Tracks to download are TOUCH ME, BUMP,RICK RUBIN and BACKYARD BETTY.
You tube is the SHIZNIT!

Visit them on Myspace @ --------->

Always me.

SIP Shots


Okay its been a while and both SIP writers have been away, but that does not mean we have kept our ears open and thing. Matter of fact, its been mad busy for me, your boy passed his second year in uni and off to the final year now, KimLeeStar is busy hustling 4 jobs, how she does it i would never kno, so every lil time i get is spent sleeping and whatnot. Still, it sems to me that the jiggaman be making power moves and what not. first having a sold out concert in 3 minutes, thats right y'all the reasonable doubt concert sold out in 3 mins. Now he is having a preview concert of the Reasonable Doubt concert. Is this not the craziest thing u ever seen, he signs Nas, def Jam trims some artist fat aka Christina Milian, but shes been spotted around in some places though. There are some runours flying around about Bey Z (beyonce and Jay Z breaking up---->seriously like that is doing something in my life, absolutely pointless). Then the Deja Vu track is out as well featuring Jay on it as well. Most people kept uttering the same lines "i thought Jay Z has retired", well with the amount of work this dude has been upto, i would say he definitely is not retired. I still see Jay Z as a full fledged artist. Retired is when you sit down and catch every rerun of the News of the Day on CNN at 1pm, 3pm, 6pm and 10pm and for some reason Jay does not qualify as that.
So moving i started this post cuz i recently read that Jay is going to be doing an International tour (seriously this guy is not retired) and he would be starting in England in September, and he would be touching a host of other places but what smacked it is he is landing in my Country, hell YEAH JAY MIGHT BE LANDING IN NIGERIA y'all, seriously, stat booking flights home all u JAy Z stans (Dokun Ajayi et al). I remember arguing with my people over who was better Jay Z or Nas, well i still stand firmly by my man (no homo nor brokeback). I mean, Nas has clearly had a better run plus he is married to the finest Milkshake seller in history---> Kelis

I mean come on guys presented with Kelis or Beyonce, it is not exactly rocket science now, well well well, moving on smoothly, another argument that has always won my Nas is the best debate is "Who made the better first album?" NAS, Illmatic is the sickest shit ever to be recorded on tape, cd, vinyl and what other format. My gosh how sick is that album, HOW SICK IS IT, okay i need to calm down, i need to but this Illmatic is way better than reasonable doubt. The only way i can accept Jay being better than Nas is the fact that Jay Z is a better businessman, can't knock his hustle there (did not mean to sound corny) and i still want to know how in this world he managed to convince Nas that joining Def Jam was the best move of his career. Still there has been some rather disturbing news flowing about.
First disturbing news is that Cadbury is recalling bout a million bars of dairy milk released in to the market as they may have further ingredient i.e salmonella. the smacking factor of this case is cadbury knew of this about 5 months ago, how disturbing is that, i knew there was a reason i did not like cadbury chocolates. As usual the government is planning an investigation into it. Hopefully when they finishing planning the investigation (bout 4 months) they would actually carry out the investigation (another 3 months) so we should know the results of this case early next year in typical UK Government stylee. Read more here...
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Of all the crap going on in this world, these sevens idiots thought it most necessary to combine their brain power (which must be equal to that of a chicken combined) and think of means necessary to take down america. I mean seriously "brothers" seriously. Anyway they were exposed before they could attempt to think with the FBI labelling their thinking as..."more aspirational than operational". Why inflict danger on people i don't understand, the katrina mess is still looming yet they deem it necessary to think to cause another mayhem. Read more here

Today's Yesterday's Affecting Everyday News


This is a bit late but sorry, peeped this over at mr Afronerd's blog, and it seems America is about to do a China to the web and restrict the whole neutrality process you are presently enjoying right now in reading this entry. If this does go throught, then there would not be stuff like this...continue reading here...Please SIP readers, if you do intend to leave a comment on this dude's blog, becareful, he is known to reply to most comments sometimes in Bill Cosby mannerisms.

SIP Shots


Oh my diddies, Im in love with another woman apart from Erykah Badu, for you MTV base-sists you would have surely come to notice how Goapele's video for Closer to my dreams is on constant rotation. It makes my day to know that some good music actually makes it to MTV Base. Im still pissed off with myself for missing her London visit to Jazz Cafe. Still I hope u are as hooked as I am on her Closer To My Dreams track from her first album titled Even Closer. I do not understand why this song is jus making it to MTV Base's video spins, another reason why i HATE the channel so much. This song came from her first album Even Closer and now it is on regular spins in 2006 on MTV Base, i guess in typical MTV fashion they would start to play videos from her second album ( Change It All) in 2010. You can buy the first and second album here

Beyonce gets haggled by animal lovers. She just sits there like a lemon while these PETArded folks lay into cuz she wears furs, if they so concerned, why don't they jus shut the fuck up and move all animals with fur into their yard.
Watch the video here

Apparently MC Hammer is making a comeback Please don't hurt em'

India Arie's album draws nearer, oh hot damn, im im im jus , it has been a minute and the new single with AKon (there are 3 remixes for this song inc one with Swiss Beatz) is burning airwaves. Due for release in UK on the 26/06/2006, Testimony:Vol 1 Life and relationship...Preorder your copy now
Tracklist is looking a lil like this (i don't know if it is confirmed track list or not)
1. Loving
2. These Eyes
3. Heart Of The Matter
4. Good Mourning

5. Private Party

6. There's Hope

7. Living

8. India Song

9. Wings Of Forgiveness

10. Summer

11. I Am Not My Hair

12. Great Grandmother

13. Better People

14. Learning

15. I Choose

16. I Am Not My Hair

17. This Too Shall Pass

picture taken from india's myspace
If you are off your rockers and wanna smell like Paris,erm...seriously why would you wanna do that, still i love it when she says she loves to work, can i get a haha...HAHA

Aight im off to bed now, its a friday and i have not gone out, damn it, dat is a first seriously

Sip Steeez


This has got to be the video for the weeek. The teletubbies leaning and rocking to Dem Franchise Boys lol, watched it bout two times and im sooo psyched to do the dance they doing LOL LOL

I swear today is my rewards day for the hard times spent raking thru you tube. oh my diddies, the video for Mr Me Too is out, I hope this means the album shall definitely drop, i believe i have waited long enuff, jus to make sure y'all Clipse haters ain't on it yet , i would post a link again to listen to the song again for now bask in the video which i am loving right about now. The Clipse album as at the last time i checked is titled "Hell Hath No Fury". Pharrell's one if you have been to mars is called "In My Mind" well ummh, no comment matter of fact this is the video for the week.

Amplifyd Sounds


Yeah yeah yeah I have another Naija (slang for Nigerian) group, the first one being FourCornerz. Still you have to get the good Nigerian music out there. We do big things in Nigeria, we can't mess about; Just like the Jamaicans got Bob Marley, we got Fela Kuti,Lagbaja, and King Sunny Ade all of which have been touring worldwide even before all the reggae artist could scream "bun chi chi man" (This website in no way watsoever advocates violence towards the gay person, seems like y'all getting some black equality rights as well, thats good thats good!) Moving on swiftly back to the post in hand:

Amplifyd Crew

I've been following their sound for a while, theres been a buzz on their name in the UK for a while now.
Alotta gurls been running around screaming the Amplifyd name and how good they are. I thought maybe it was a bunch of fly nigerian brothers then I peeped them and they actually do have a sound. Based in Washington DC, this grouped formed round about 2001. Their songs on soundclick has been blowing up the soundclick ratings, but still go show them love by visiting their website and soundclick pages.

Funny enough I do not think they have a myspace address.
What artitst does not have a myspace? I mean really its 2006. If Amplifyd do have a myspace, please send us the link at

Check out Amplifyd on soundclick
Check Out their
Amplifyd Crew - Bounce (Listen )

If You Don't Know...Now You Know.


Still it is not a big look on Cee-Lo with all this rubbish bout him going with some half assed stupid gurl who in typical british style has chosen to kiss and tell (most disgusting habit after snitching and calling black folks Nigga). Oh well if u care to know more then click here, i thought i put this up but i did not, sorry y'all.

S.I.P. Bits


Today I am feeling a little worn out. Yesterday was crazy, went to some party and ting, and then went to this really crap ass club in Holborn called Browns, Lord this is sooooooooo whack. Really really really whack, i mean it...i don't even want to tlk about it. Still i have spent the whole day lazing, feasting my eyes on the world cup, watched the England and Paraguay match which as usual in typical england stylee started off really interesting (point to wayne rooney stans England won even with dude on bench), england scored their first goal with a beautiful free kick from beckham, that dude jhas skills. all of y'all that argue with me owe me some money i guess now. Then i watched the most surprising match which was between trinidad and Tobago and Sweden. Which was a draw, really surprising. both sides had good opportunities still and the refereee made a nice game without unnecessary calls unlike what can be said for the dickhead referee in the England match. Absolutely shocking, kinda like reading that Lil Kim might be getting out of jail on the 5th of July apparently on good behaviour, lets hope shes learned lesson.
Seriously fuck the no snitching campaign, if someone has taken someone else's life please report to the police, think if it was your own family. this no snitching is killing us black people. Lil kim had a bad ass album released just before she entered prison, she could have enjoyed and
promoted the album more if she was not in prison, oh well its jus my view.

Another surprising thing is the alleged sold out status of the Jay Z reasonable doubt concert. Apparently, Hov got sold out in 3 mins or something ridiculous if so, I bet you would not hear much of such accomplishments on radio or TV, i bet if the rollingstones or one of them half caked white bands did such i'll be watchin it on tv right next to the shooting of yet another innocent person shot by police and also arrested his brother in over zealous terrorist crackdowns in Uk.

Protest against the raid

As usual the "treat us special because we are muslim" organisation for UK and certain dubious characters have come out to protest in their not so subtle manner but I was impressed with the way a member of the family of the brothers addressed the issue asking members of the muslim society to act civil and protest normally rather than act the fool as this this helps to stop the police from carrying out such acts on other innocent muslim families like his. I think im going to sleep now actually, nothing much to do on a saturday.
Peace y'all

Whats Up Today...


Came across this website, how not to steal a sidekick. This stupid idiots obviously stole one and now they are in a bit of how would we say it in England, yes thats it, pickle.

theres theme music for them as well courtesy of a band on well you guessed it myspace (
Stolen Sidekick Theme (listen/download)

Wish i could do the same to those who stole my beloved Casio digi cam, now i cannot take pics when im out. Damn you thieves, rest assured if i find y'all im doing the same to you guys.


Black 15 yr old youth gets stabbed today around Lambeth area in London. Seriously we got too many knives on road. It seems the idiot who did the stabbing did not know about the Knives amnesty in progress. The again, if you are ignorant to stab a 15 yr old youth then you ignorant enough to forget bout the knife amnesty.

Well if you really do care, the world cup officially started today and Germany jus whooped Croatia 4-2. English fans disrespecting another person's country singing and chanting war tunes, hey nothing new there, why kick some footballs at the windows of the mayor's office. i do not blame 'em when u live in a country where fun is if not almost illegal, then you would not act in such retarded manner in other people's countries.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.


Its a big look today, I got added to Nigerian supergroup 4kornerz friend's list on myspace wait then again so does everyone else damn it still, they are a nice quartet
Lets hope they remain a quartet. Damn i actually know one of em, lol Im not claiming, done some Mr Nigeria stuvvz show, way way way back in time seriously i know one of em lol. you can know them as well thru their myspace -Four Kornerz myspace
Website - Four Kornerz website

picture taken from the four kornerz myspace page

A Breath of Fresh Air!


It's early morning and it's my one and only day off.
Groggy but overwhelmed and excited by the trials of the day ahead.
Scrolling through msn, Ayo's msn name catches my eye!
New music? New Artist? My Space!?
You didn't have to tell me twice!
I atually got excited.
And now i'm on a high.

One word....... "2mi"


With influences like Tracy Chapman, Alicia Keys, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, this lady produces and sings tracks filled with the same magic you feel when songs like "Sorry", "Fallin", "Golden" and "I Want You" come on.

She is a fresh of breath air.
It feels good to see someone just focused on the music, focused on the feelings.
Her currents emit good vibrations.

2mi's myspace page is relief, relief from the assurance her music gives me, telling me that the music world indeed is not in grave danger. There are angels out there.

In a way i'd explain her music as simple and direct, melodies that touch the heart, lyrics that move the soul and together they create the warmth within the heart that keeps the blood flowing.

Check her out on myspace -------->

Love the song Numb on there. Check her out, listen to the songs and watch this space!

*Picture obtained from 2mi's myspace page! *

I Touch Her Gently But Im Probably Gonna Scar Her...


For those of y'all who bought the Big Boy Got Purp mixtape Vol 2 knew there were some nice surprises on the CD. My fave being Janelle Monae and Scar. Well thanks to concreteloop they got an interview with her which is very genuine and nice. Big up Brian Davis for the interview. I really wish this gurl the best of luck as I really see her as my replacement for Beyonce. Y'all who know me kno I am not Beyonce's biggest fan.
Please make sure u check out Janelle on myspace
Whatever the crowd did, Im sure they did not deserve this....Why why why da brat
Here Da Brat offending people at the Hot 97 summer jam, I don't know why she insists on doing such things, note to Da Brat, not rockstar attitude my dear, not at all more like HamstarThe crowd must have pissed remy of cuz i can see no reason for this
Again in the pic above, we have another contender for the Ham, infact she is a very strong contender, the one and only Remy Ma. i do not understand the problem with this gurl, Does she have stylists? Is she tryin to get remembered for horrible weaves? Im sure y'all heard bout her weave getting caught up in a fan while she shot her video. Well in the pic below, it seems now the poor weave is getting stuck in her ass.

Like i Said earlier, I loved the Janelle Monae songs and the songs by this scar dude. i am going to put the Scar one up cuz i think its really nice and also it features one of my fave artists Ceelo Green.

Scar - What Is This feat Cee-lo download
Buy the Purple Ribbon Mixtape here - Buy

Let's get it Twisted.


What's up peoples???
Finally the absence comes to an end!
What's up Mr Starks?
What's up Miss ADG? I got the message and we are proud that SIP brings you pleasure! We do it for the people.

So what's been going on with me?
Not a whole lot......but a whole lot of working, Miss KimLee holds down 4 jobs so it takes a while to get online and blog to the blog nation.

Just a word to note bloggerations are the way to the future. Bloggerations are the future.

Enough of my jazz, let's get down to the reason I stopped by.

SO the deal is music is the life, music is the future, *I just have to plug in SIP:The Verve here lol I know I know! But The Verve will be updated with some new issues, new topics, new music to take you on a round trip across the GLOBE.*
Oh yes sir, Miss Kim Lee does her homework.
I know Alizay wasn't too impressive......we support all independents ya'll corny to damn right off the motha******* chain!

On that note let's get it warped, lets hear some words, lets get involved with PREFUSE 73.

What's the deal!?
My man Reid at one of the jobs I work at is responsible for this one! Without a DOUBT!
This man is crazy ya'll, he's been everywhere, Japan, The State, Ibiza, he's a dj dictionary.
And that is how I fell into the rythms and flows of this man right........HERE!

Introducing, Guillermo Scott Herren.
What's the deal? He's a rap/electronica PHENOMENOM!
You think you know music......dig THIS!
Okay okay now Prefuse 73 happens to be the name of the year as this guy is full of aliases! He has several billion other names that I can't remember right now.
This guy takes hits from everywhere possible.
Beat maker, wicked lyricist, GENIUS is all I have to say.
You want some off the top of my head tracks to lose your mind to?
Smile In You Face,Life/Death,The Colour Of Tempo, Geeeez life/death just does it for me!

Mr Starks.............Ipods are calling ohhhh!
I'm getting overloaded. OVERLOADED.

So this is the man, do some research, listen to some tunes, tell me what you think!

Okay I'm not FINISHED!
I have one more word. RATATAT!

Now if you aint feeling this then you don't know none! PERIOD!
Okay okay yes the remix album is alot of old songs that don't need remixes, but TELL ME you can do better?
Tell me you didn't think it could be done!?
This pair make their stuff out of their bedroom!
I'm not one to go into the history of bands, groups, geniuses, I don't care where they came from.
All I care about is that they produce and represent to the fullest.
I've heard Seventeen Years mixed with the ULTIMATE Jigga! Yes Niyi, I said ULTIMATE and trust me I felt something!
To be politically uncorrect, These white boys know how to do what they do.
Tell me where the money is and i'll drop the INFO!
Thanks to myspace, the ultimate band/group haven you will be able to listen to some of their stuff.

With everything in life you must give it a try once and if it burns then don't touch it anymore, and if not then welcome to a little taste of heaven.

Holla at the DJ! -------->

Much love!
KimLeeStar! MUAH!


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