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this is jus crazy,, I am a big fan of art no matter how retarded like this one (Artist is Marc Quinn in case you want to commend scold him but it makes one think though)thats presently in Trafalgar to the extremely moving paintings by Kadinsky (one of my fave). Nothing moves me more than retro and "urban" paintings

whilst browsing the internet (like i do every hour of my sad sad life) i came across this artist who goes by the name Justin Bua. Be4 i mention his name i would jus put a work of his up and watch your jaw drop.
This is called The Piano Man 2. AMazing , its like you can feel the soul from the picture, he has more amazing paintings on his website which i must warn you to make sure u have no future appointments be4 u view cuz u are going to spend a lot of time jus gazing at his work. I rather see more stuff like this Graffiti'd on the walls, cuz they are jus breath taking, i definitely would buy this. Check his websites for more. Anyway i jus thought other jobless artists would take a leaf out his page rather than make us throw up...but then me throwing up means I am giving a reaction to it therefore qualifying whatever crap that made me throw up as art, its soo hard to jus call crap crap these days...
Yours Truly
Mr Starks

-If any artist is angry i post their pictures without their permission please forgive moi remember theres no such thing as bad press, u the best for not suing me,peace out


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