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Due to certain difficulties with my msn post i.e. msn being backwards as usual. the msn blog is soooo retarded, it has to be the most retarded thing ever to make face ont he internet. Sometimes i wonder why msn even bothers, is there a point to the existence of msn. i hate the way it toook msn light years to update whist yahooo jus keeps getting stronger. You even leave a voicemail on yahoo and offline messages, msn is just jumping on that wagon after like erm forever. Its like they finally add the features and you think to yourself oh you don't say. Aight lemme give y'all a quick low down on meself. I go by the name Mr Starks. im a media loving person and i love to make comments lol, i do not feel like black people get nuff media attention except for negative stuffs ofcourse it seems we got that side lock down. i love music and movies and anything out of the ordinary. i hope to bring out a magzine soon entitled S.I.P (you might av guessed the meaning of that acronym by looking at the name of my blog thing) . this is my first blog on this place hiopefully we shall see how it goes, how comes y'all ain't got a paste button but i found that u can drag and drop straight from Microsoft word. Aight lets get down with my first outdated post

first Im going to put down a quick S.I.P magazine update. I know the following news might be old but due to how busy I was I am just going to put down a few summaries from all that’s been happening for a while.

AIGHT, im very sure u guys heard about camron dissing jay z. U kno u kno, silly guy wanted attention for his upcoming album but still he has a right to diss Jay though, but why it took him soooooo damn long we would neva kno. So as we all know en u diss someboday or have beef with the person u do not use anything or buy anything which belongs to the person (in law terms, it is an implied law u kno), its universal, for example, I start big time beef wit someone but then I am buying his shoes….exactly same thing I thought WHY??? Unless u are Nigerian then it doesn;’t apply to you, we all kno about how every single Nigerian boy and gurl says oh no Tommy Hilfiger and Timbaland are rascist yet I can bet the last 10 pound in my savings account that the person saying such has a pair or tommy or timbalands in their wardrobe, I mean I had to cop me some tommy polo, but that’s beside the point. The point I am tryin to drive home here is cuz of this picture I came across whilst minding my bidness on line.

No worries cam’ron, you r still a gangsta rapper.

Why wear a ROCAWEAR boxers Camron Giles, WHY??? if you are beefing Jay Z, thats like 50 Cent rocking a I LOVE MURDER INc tee...neva happen

I also came across another dip set rapper getting a facial (all u with dirty minds go to church lol)

Jus Summer In Miami...

Producer J Dilla, one of the founding members of Slum Village (those of you that don’t kno S.V, previous popular songs from them included Selfish with the L.V Don West and Tainted). He passes away after some illness. S.I.P. magazine sends their condolences.

To make y’all laugh I stumbled across this as well LOL, its sooooo funny, whoever did this deserves props.

I think Janet Jackson should look at this and fear, apparently her album won’t be released until she fixes up and loses weight, its really mean this world, its like there is no room to be big, keeping it strictly slim tut tut tut, its alrite Janet u can retire real soon and let yourself loose until then GYM IT!!

There was the weirdest grammy show, it was cool, Mr K.West picked 3 (thankfully, could you imagine Kanye crying and whinnin in the media if he didn’t get one…but on the real though he deserved it…but then im still wondering why the idiot said he should be a character in the bible…thankfully he didn’t say the Holy Koran, im sure some *cough cough* brothers would have been willing to take him to Allah)

Speaking of which a lot of bad eggs in the beautiful AND PEACEFUL ISLAM RELIGION have been misbehaving all around the world. Before u attempt to say something to me about not understanding the impact of the pictures, I would say to you right now, I am a muslim myself, I saw those disrespectful depiction of the Holy Prophet, but I didn’t wish death upon people and run around saying Europe would get their own twin towers (even after bombing a double decker bus) WTF is wrong with you leftists. How many disrespectful images of Jesus Christ (who is also a prophet in The Holy Koran) have been drawn and published, I do not christians taking to the street pelts buildings with stones and torching cars, and threatening to behead people. You crazy left wing muslim countries are just sooo damn touchy and think you are the only ones with problems in the world. Iran has a nuclear weapon debate with America BUT YET they to took time from durka durka durka with the Americans to pelt stones at the Dutch Embassy.

There is a fine line between respect and protest. Obviously the peeps who drew the carton in Denmark realised they stepped and infact flew across the decency line. Urging people to start beheading other people IS ALSO JUMPING THE FUCKING LINE. You left wing muslims need to calm down and look at the world from a bigger perspective.I am not defending Denmark as well, I think its up to a journalist to know what is responsible or not. Also can I jus take time out to remind you muslims in UK that u are technically off the boat. You shouldn’t come here as refugees and start spreading your wings when u kno u couldn’t do such in your country. I shall illustrate my point. Afghan police shot dead four people protesting against the cartoons BUT AT THE SAME TIME IN BRITAIN U STUPID IDIOTS WERE UTILISING THE SAME RIGHT THAT THE FOUR PEOPLE WHO GOT SHOT IN AFGHANISTAN BUT U DID NOT GET SHOT DESPITE THE FACT THAT ONE OF YOU WAS DRESSED AS A SUICIDE BOMBER IN THE MIDDLE OF LONDON AND THERE WAS POLICE STANDING RIGHT BY BUT THEY DID NOT EVEN ARREST YOU LET ALONE SHOOT YOU. You were demonstrating the same right the Dutch cartoonists demonstrated so lets be careful in other people’s countries, hey, the EU is not the Middle East and George Bush should remember that the middle East is not the Western Zone. All you whining annoying muslim brothers in Britain should remember that half the crap you enjoy here u do not have in ur country and im not talking bout physical goods, im talking bout intangible goods such as basic human rights huh huh, yes so lets learn to live in harmony in other peoples country and not give the British government a headache over why everything has to be special for us muslims jeeeez. Let this be the last time you misbehave okay. If you do not like the western culture go bak to your country, that’s the BOTTOM LINE, do not complain, do not threaten to behead okay.

Aight as I have vented that out, I hope we can all live in peace now and go about our lives without worrying about if I would make it home if I get on my Lovely Jubilee and district line or when I hit the vintage section in Topman on Oxford Street. Lol, im going to keep minding my bidness and look for interesting stuff for y’all on the net.

Peace Y’all

Mr Starks



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