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The End of Big Brother UK...And Hopefully Any Subsequent Series

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Last week, the worst program ever to grace tv (even spanning back to when tv was black and white without speech) came to a very welcoming end. This already had proved too late as the detrimental effect of the program on the nation had already gone far past the point of no return. So detrimental was the effect that after the show four different magazines had "the first interview by Pete" articles as headlines and each one of these magazines were displayed side by side at newstands with vegetable members of the public picking up these four different magazines to read the four "first interviews" by big brother winner Pete which just was a plain sorry sight to behold. The end of series 7 og Big Brother Uk was the most welcoming thing ever. Gosh, it was horrible and nobody (apart from me ofcourse) could have summed this show up better than the writer of this article.

Pete's victory was assured the minute he staggered, gurning and spewing expletives, into the house 13 weeks ago, despite barely-disguised attempts to con the public into voting for Nikki. This, of course, had nothing to do with the fact that she'd already been signed up for her own E4 show, in which she 'attempts to hold down a job'...

Click here to finish reading the wonderful article which totally summed up this last season of big brother 7.

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