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SIP Shots 30-06-06

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First of all, it was an extremely long night yesterday. A friend of mine had a parry which was not bad, matter of fact, more girls than guys, but not enough folks. We failed on the promotion part of the party so it was quite crazy. Alright I just woke up with a banging headache, but as usual the problems in the world adding more to it.

BEP in a Black Eyed Brawl
Just saw this now, them BEPs in a fight or caught in a fight with bouncers from from german club called 40 seconds. ummh, I never saw them as a involved in a fight kinda group, u know, they are soo user friendly. heheh
P.S. Check out the bottle jumping in to save them

I Need Mine Is Leaked To the internet
Just when i was wondering what happened to Lil' Flip and his album "I need mine", i came across this thanks to the good folks at SOHH. It seems flip has left Sony and after his departure his albums leaks to the internet. Now who would we say is to blame cuz i can seriously see Sony doing it to spite the guy, u never kno eh, still Iwas wondering would TI sign him now seeing as Jay signed Nas, u know.

One Step Forward, Hundred Steps Backwards...
First, the Palestinian and Israel fight. Here am I thinking with clearing the Gaza strip these two would chill. Oh No, first Gaza militants tunnelled under the border, attacking an Israeli outpost and killing two other soldiers and the proceeded to kidnap a 19 yr soldier named Shalit. Now Israel has hit back capturing some government officials, classsic scenario of One Step forward 100 Steps Backward. Read more here

Latest Mixtape News

's GQ photoshoot)

Not only 50 cent has been releasing ridiculous miztapes from the middle East. Now Osama Bin Laden has released his own mixtape straight from the geographic location aptly named "america can never find me here" which America knows is in the middle East and are slowly and surely searching, yeah right. Basicly instead of dissing everyone on his mixtape like 50 cent unsurprisingly did, Osama proceeded to ask for the release of the body of the al Zarqawi dude like really. It is only June and Mr Osama has provided us with 4 mixtapes of terror thats really impressive . Now the The Game photo up there is seriously homo and I don't kno if i should see this as a Game diss or is this just another 50 Cent showing his homo tendencies like we can see above in the GQ photoshoot he did sometime last year or early this, anyone...

Light Discomfort In Your Butt.
Very weird but a Man in a Pakistani prison woke up with a light bulb in his ass. How bright of him!!

Good news for all the Lil'Kim Stans
Miss Kim is to be released next monday but she shall remain under house arrest for 30 days. If shes smart she would perform the Sandi Thom manoeveur and broadcast performances from her basement...Note to you Waste youths out there, do not lie to a court to protect fake friends.

Bully Victim Slashes Back...Literally
Check check, this gurl gets bullied in school, stands up for herself and slashes back at the gurl in the above pic, for real. Lesson learnt is please do not bully people, it is not a big loook.

There is still a lot of slashers around in UK
Is this not the biggest shame, the Knives amnesty in UK is failing. IT IS FAILING. Rather than police keep stopping me for switching lanes or reducing speed because Im trying to read frigging signs or spending precious police time looking for dogs which are apprarently dangerous because stupid people choose to taunt them, I reckon they (police) should concentrate on battling the rising knife crimes, just a suggestion u kno, nothing major.

New tracks in the Jim Jam Joints section. let me know your opinion on the Crazy remix feat Joe Budden. His rap is tight on it but i jus figured none of the tracts on St Elsewhere needed a remix thats all. Outkast tracks courtesy of eskay

4 Responses to “SIP Shots 30-06-06”

  1. Anonymous KimLeeStar 

    tsk tsk tsk bep fighting hmm.

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