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Sony Ad Rascist?...

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Really Is this Rascist. i don't think so. Matter of fact i think it is a really good advert. Now if there racial intentions underlining it then i would be forced to reconsider but as a well versed marketing student i do not believe this to be rascist. I reckon it depends on the person's view. Personally I love it. it is a good way, who do u choose, the white psp or black psp. Lemme hear yours. i seriously think it is about time we started looking at the bigger picture rather than let minor crap like rascim hold us back.

2 Responses to “Sony Ad Rascist?...”

  1. Anonymous KimLeeStar 

    OHHHH Niyi you beat me to it!! i don't care i'm gonna speak my views!
    YES I think this is RACIST!
    I shall be black, oh i mean back to say why!

  2. Anonymous Mr Starks 

    Lol, for some reason ij ust do not se it as rascism, Im thinking what if a black person was the one that actually gave birth to the idea of this advert cuz i can just see myself coming up with something like this, hard hitting abd makes u think ummh, do i want the black psp or the white one (preferably white psp birthday is coming soon lol nxt year). Just think it could have been worse, they could have used a white person painted black but that would just be archaic, crude and reminiscent of the gollywog days. Ummh, i just take it as an advert portraying a message but its not that i cannot se why it would be rascist, but i think the society would really move forward if they can jump over the colour barrier and adjust their frame of mind.

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