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Whip It, Whip It Real Hard

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Oh well, you know the gut feeling you get when you see an artist and you know this dude has been on the wrongest lael for time and he should be on Def Jam (talking bout the def jam pre Rick ROss era). well it is pretty official, the boy F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S is signed to Def Jam now. Theres has been some past speculations but it is pretty much set in stone now. He joins a few rap greats (can we still include LL Cool J in this speculation), a few rap lows (RIck ROss), a few rap barbies (RIhanna), oh Lord, what has become of my fave Label, oh well, there is still good old OKAyPLayer to fall back on.
But seriously Def Jam have been signing pretty wierd people, i mean a rapper who sells over a million units making orgasmic noises (Young Jeezy, yeaaaaaaaaah dats rightttttt) i can handle but a rapper called Young Leek, i don't know wot to make about it, a rapper called Rick Ross, i still don't kno, but i like only one line from all his songs yup thats it "whip it whip it real hard".

The Def Jam upcoming lineup is looking as follows:

  • METHODMAN - 4:21 (COMING SOON IMAGINE THAT AS WELL), even though homeboi's last joint went wood, i would like to think it was due to his involvement with P Diddy like he said. the few tracks floating around have been really good, loving the Methodman ft Lauryn Hill -Say. Now thats meth, but they are going to release RIck Ross before meth, oh Lord how (Rick-diculous)...Horrible lol but worth the try hehe.

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